Archie's 'Beat the Beast' challenge raises over £15,000

Archie has been fundraising for the DEC since 2017

One of the DEC’s most inspiring fundraisers is Archie Douglas who was diagnosed with a terminal brain tumour eight years ago. Archie has now raised over £15,000 for the Disasters Emergency Committee’s work to provide life-saving relief for crisis-affected communities.

Archie Douglas, from North Berwick in East Lothian, has made a remarkable recovery with the help of pioneering surgery and aggressive radio- and chemotherapy. Before his diagnosis he served twice in Afghanistan with the Royal Regiment of Scotland but is currently unable to work due to his neurological condition.

Instead, he is putting all his efforts into his ‘Beat The Beast Challenge combining a strict balanced daily lifestyle to prevent his brain tumour from returning with walking, writing, and learning new skills – including acting, singing, dancing and playing golf to retrain and strengthen his brain for future employment. By raising money for charity he asks people to give even more purpose to his rehabilitation efforts.

As of September 2021, Archie’s 'Beat the Beast' challenge includes:

  • 2,969 golf balls played
  • 12,819 miles covered under his own steam
  • 796,943 feet climbed
  • 73 months survived
  • £15,296 raised for the DEC

In October 2018, Archie walked across Scotland to support the DEC’s appeal for the survivors of the tsunami in Indonesia. Archie set off from Bowling on the Clyde in West Dunbartonshire and walked the length of the Forth/Clyde and Union Canals, arriving in Edinburgh three days later, having walked a total distance of 63 miles.

Along the way Archie talked to as many people as possible to tell them about the work of the DEC and, of course, encourage people to walk with him and support the DEC's work. 

“Learning to act, sing, and play golf and to see my slow and steady neurological improvements gives me hope for a future in work," says Archie. "Fundraising for the Disasters Emergency Committee to help save the lives and improve the life chances of thousands of people in communities ravaged by disaster gives me a purpose.” 

Archie started his fundraising in August 2017 soon after the DEC launched the Emergency Appeal for People Feeling Myanmar. He has since raised funds to help DEC members respond to the Indonesian Tsunami in 2018, Cyclone Idai in 2019 and the current Coronavirus Appeal which was launched in July 2020.

“Please challenge me to beat my beast of neurological dysfunction and to prevent my brain tumour from ever returning by sponsoring me for just £1 per month," says Archie. "I guarantee you that every single penny raised goes to the Disasters Emergency Committee.”

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